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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 731 Who Is The Mistress

Every day, as soon as Walt came back from the company, he would go to see his little baby first. His little baby also liked him very much. He would smile and dance when he saw him.

Walt thought this was the connection between father and son.

"If you like children so much, you'd better give birth to one with Laura as soon as possible," Mrs. Rose said with a smile.

"I just like to play with this little guy. If I really have a baby, I have to take care of the baby all day long. Maybe I will feel annoyed, so I'd better give birth to a baby later." Walt shrugged.

"Brother, you just want to have fun and don't want to take responsibility," Essie teased.

"This is my life motto." Walt said in a wild manner, shrugging his shoulders, "I have so many nephews to play with me. That's enough."

When he was talking, Leila came over. Seeing that showed his love to the baby every day, she was very worried. She was afraid that he would expose, so she followed him all the time.

"You just treat this little guy as a toy." She glanced at Walt coquettishly.

"I just think he is congenial to me. Look at him. He smiled at me and never cried. It's really interesting," Walt said casually. He was very careful.

"Just let him play with uncle today. Tomorrow he will go to grandpa and grandma's house. It will take many days for him not to see uncle again." Essie smiled.

Walt was shocked. "Why do you want him to go there all of a sudden?"

"My parents miss their grandson so much. They have asked me to bring him to them several times. So before the Spring Festival, I will let him to accompany my parents and I will bring him back after the Spring Festival," Essie said.

Leila smiled with a hint of mockery in her eyes, "Ah." She covered her mouth and pretended to be surprised. "I almost forgot that his surname is Yi, and he is going to be the grandson of the Yi family." It seemed that she was trying to stimulate Walt.

An imperceptible gloom flashed across Walt's face. He really hoped that Dawny's surname could be Rong, but unfortunately, he had no right to make a decision. He could only swallow the hatred in his heart.

Noticing that she did it on purpose, Essie ignored her. She didn't want to provoke her.

Leila didn't want to stay here any longer. She was going to have afternoon tea with Irene. Irene came back from France and dealt with the business of the Chateau according to the order of Mrs. Rose. Recently, she didn't make any movement. Her fighting capacity was too weak, which made Leila very unhappy.

"Irene, have you gained the guy you loved?" Leila took a sip of tea and asked casually.

Irene sighed, "It's not that easy. I have to think it over."

"Aren't French very active and crazy? Why do you look so conservative? " Leila smiled.

"If it were an ordinary man, he would have fallen in love with me. The person I like is special, so it takes some time." Irene pouted.

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