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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 729 Are All Mr. Mcdreamys Like This

"Sis Eva, I heard that you have a close relationship with brother Jim recently? He also helped you solve the problem of the slander posts. It seems that he is good to you," Holy said in a casual tone, as if he was talking about something unimportant.

Eva broke into a slight sweat, "Holy, don't get me wrong. Scum Jim is my creditor. He is afraid that I will be killed before I pay off my debt. Then he will suffer a great loss, so he helped me."

"Really?" Holy pouted, "I'm quite familiar with brother Jim. He is as cold as my brother-in-law. He has always been indifferent to others and never stands up for anyone unimportant."

"I'm not an unimportant person. Am I the debtor who was oppressed by him." Eva made a strange face to him.

"Then why do you owe him?" Holy asked in reply, which made Eva speechless. He had saved her several times, or she would have died.

"Kid, don't need to worry about that. The most important thing for you is to focus on your study." Eva smiled awkwardly, trying to hide the unnatural expression on her face.

"People always say that birds of a feather flock together. No wonder you and my sister will become best friends, because you are all brainless," Holy said with a sneer.

"Holy, let me tell you, sometimes the more you hate someone, the more you want to keep her. In this way, you can torture her endlessly for fun. That's what scum Jim thinks of me. I will never give in to him. I will fight harder and harder. " Eva clenched her fists.

"Well, I wish you, the enemies of three lifetimes, can fight for a lifetime." Holy grinned wickedly.

After eating a piece of bread, Eva took a sip of milk and said, "Holy, you get along well with Vinton today. If only you could be like this in the future."

"I have a grudge against Elizabeth and Valery, and I have no grudge against my brother. Why can't I get along well with him?" Holy shrugged and said indifferently.

"He is Elizabeth's son," Eva said in a low voice.

"He is also my father's son, my elder brother," Holy said seriously.

"That's good." Hearing this, Eva felt relieved. "Holy, I know you are very considerate."

Holy sighed, "Sis Eva, I find that you have changed."

"Me?" Eva was slightly stunned, "Where did I change?"

"Some women only care about their husband and children after they get married. Their best friends and friends will all leave behind. You are that kind of woman," Holy said bluntly.

Eva fainted, "Holy, don't talk nonsense. Love is as important as friendship in my heart."

"I don't think so. I don't know what you adults are thinking. You have to fight to the death for the position of the leader. In fact, daddy only has two sons, brother and me. If brother is going to be in charge, I will be the second largest shareholder and I can help him. If I become the ruler, my brother will be the second largest shareholder. He can also help me. No one will suffer losses," Holy said seriously with his arms crossed.

Eva chuckled and nodded like a chicken pecking rice, "Holy, you are right. I know you are very sensible."

"I'm a sensible boy. It's Elizabeth who always sow dissension between me and my brother. She doesn't want us to be reconciled. She just wants both of us to be hurt, so she can take advantage of the gap to get in.copy right hot novel pub