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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 724 A Little Boy With Clear Distinction Between Love And Hate

At that time, as soon as Leila received his phone call, she rushed there for fear of something bad. The two of them made up their minds and decided to avoid it for a period of time, in case they accidentally revealed the truth.

In Leila's opinion, it was unwise to steal a child. She knew that Willi wanted to take the child as a hostage to control the Rong's Group's brother, but it was too risky to bring the dead Steven back to life.

If Walt was exposed, all their plans would be in vain. And she would also be in trouble. If Zac knew that she was Leila, he would definitely not let her go. By that time, it would not be as simple as being locked up in a madhouse.

After coming back from his vacation, Walt had recovered and could face Essie and the child as calmly as usual.

"Dawny, let uncle hug you." He reached out his hand with a smile.

Essie handed the baby to him.

The baby looked at him with his big eyes and then smiled, as if he still remembered him.

His heart softened into a pool of warm water. At this moment, no matter what, even his life, he was willing to give it to this little baby.

"Brother, my son likes you very much." Zac smiled.

Looking at him, Essie smiled playfully, "Brother, I find that your posture of holding a child is very professional. You don't look like a person who hasn't had a child at all. Look at icy guy. He's already the father of four kids. He's still like a green hand. He's been training alone with a doll for a long time before he learned it. "

With a trace of embarrassment on his face, Zac coughed and said, "Honey, don't spread the family scandal."

It was not until then that Walt realized his inappropriate behavior. In order to prevent the secret from being exposed, he quickly said, "When I was in the United States, I worked as a volunteer in a welfare house and had some experience in taking care of children."

"No wonder." With an indescribable deep look on her face, Essie smiled.

"Let me hug you too." Leila reached out her hand. Walt gave her a glare secretly, warning her not to do anything to hurt his baby.

Pretending not to see it, Leila took her baby from him. As soon as the baby came into her arms, he burst into tears. Essie quickly took him over.

"Sister in law, the baby is a little shy. Don't take it to heart."

Leila curled her lips. No wonder he was the son of a tramp. He was so annoying just at such a young age. While she was thinking, the sound of dripping water came from her clothes. She looked down and found that the mink coat was wet by the little baby.

"Ah --" Leila screamed and stamped her feet. She was so angry that her head was about to explode. No wonder he was a bastard. Damn it! Damn it! This was the golden mink overcoat she just bought. It was a limited edition.

In a hurry, Essie called a servant to help her dry clean the clothes.

Walt burst into laughter. No wonder he was his son. He had a clear distinction between love and hate!

Zac took the baby from Essie's arms and said, "What a naughty boy! He greeted his aunt in this way." He chuckled.

"As long as he likes it, let him pee. If it's broken, I'll buy her another one," Walt said indifferently.

Leila glared at him. She was very angry, but he was still a baby who had not weaned yet. If she wanted to make trouble, she would be childish. She could only take a deep breath and squeezed a smile from the stiff corner of her mouth. "It's okay. It's okay. I just feel a little sorry for this overcoat. I just bought it and it's my first time to wear it today.copy right hot novel pub