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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 723 The Extremely Bad Mother-In-Law Is Back

Early in the morning, Essie ordered the kitchen to prepare Mary's favorite desserts and dishes. Albert was very satisfied with his daughter-in-law's behavior. Mary didn't know how lucky she was and liked Elizabeth very much. She wouldn't stop until a good family was turned upside down.

After feeding the baby, Essie handed the baby to Mrs. Rose and went to the other yard with Zac to pick up Mary.

Seeing that Albert didn't come, Mary were very disappointed. Hadn't he forgiven her yet and planned to continue to neglect her?

She took a glance at Essie. Although she hated her so much, she didn't show it. She just looked miserable, which was in line with the style of the cold palace.

This time, she was in big trouble. If she didn't find a way to prove herself innocent, she wouldn't have the chance to turn over. After the new year, she would still have to be taken back to this cold palace. The secret passage affair was most likely made up by Essie. As long as she could find the evidence, she would be the one who went to the cold palace.

Now, what she needed to do was to endure humiliation and bear the burden. During the new year, she had to find out the truth and find out the tail of the little tramp, so that everyone could see her true face.

When they returned to the Rong Mansion, the servant brought them desserts and black tea. Mary took two sips of tea and sighed, "These days, I've been alone in the yard. I've thought a lot. I'm indeed old. I can't interfere with your business and don't want to worry about it anymore. From now on, the Rong family will be handed over to you. You can do whatever you like. I just want to enjoy my stay with my sons and grandchildren."

"If only you could really think so," Albert said in a low voice.

Mrs. Rose and the nanny went downstairs with the baby in her arms. Seeing this, Mary put on a fake loving smile and said, "Come on, let me hug my little grandson."

The nanny handed the baby over.

Looking at the beautiful little face of the child, Mary was very unhappy. The delicate features and perfect outline made him look like a member of the family. She wanted to find an excuse to question him, but couldn't.

Did she make a mistake? Was the child really Zac's son?

"Look at my grandson. He is so beautiful. The more I look at him, the more I like him." She chuckled and sighed, "The baby is so lucky. He has suffered a lot since he was in his

mother's belly. Fortunately, he survived them all."

"This little guy is so smart. He is as cunning as Mili and Dot," Mrs. Rose said with a smile. Her eyes were full of love.

"Like father, like son. All the grandsons of our family are outstanding," Albert said with a smile.

The boy looked at Mary and then at Mrs. Rose. His big eyes suddenly widened as if he had seen an outsider.

The lovely expression made everyone laugh.

"He must have found out that he has two identical grandmother. He must be confused." Mrs. Rose smiled.

"You are indeed a smart little boy." Mary smiled and returned the child to the nanny. She didn't like Essie.copy right hot novel pub