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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 721 Verify Her Innocence

"Then why do you remember what my sister likes? You remember it clearly. Am I not your biological son? Only my sister is your biological daughter?" Vinton questioned.

Elizabeth seemed to be stabbed by a wasp, and the corners of her mouth twitched violently. "People are different. Between you and Valery, I prefer her a little. Valery has been obedient, sensible and considerate since she was a child. You are so naughty. What else can you do except to make me angry? Now you are going to marry such a shameless woman. How can you take me as your mother? "

Before she finished her words, Vicki slammed the crutch to the ground. Vinton was her favorite grandson. Hearing Elizabeth's words, she was furious.

"Don't flatter this wastrel. She is the most useless one in our Xu family. She is considerate to you because she was carved in the same way as you. From the beginning to the end, she has never been like a member of our Xu family. Our family's face has been ruined by her three years ago. Vinton is playful, but he is purely kind, smart and capable, just like his father. " After a pause, she stared at Elizabeth and said, "I'm glad that you don't care Vinton that much. Otherwise, we can't afford another black sheep in our Xu family like your daughter."

Her words was like slapping Elizabeth on the left and then on the right face, leaving her speechless.

Vicki always preferred boys to girls. In her heart, daughters were used to unite by marriage and seek benefits for their families. Now, Essie had fully realized what she thought a daughter's value, and it was not bad for Alice to marry into the Qin family.

Only Valery was a living waste in her eyes. She just wanted to marry her as soon as possible, so as not to be annoyed. Elizabeth insisted on keeping her at home to recruit a son-in-law. She didn't lack a son in the Xu family, so what was the point of recruiting a son-in-law? Was she going to have an ungrateful son?

Valery was almost pissed off by Vicki's merciless rebuke. "I'm in such a situation because of the bitch Essie. If it's not her who intervened in my relationship with Zac, I'm already the wife of Zac of the Rong family."

"Dream on. You don't even know who is the father of the baby in your belly, but you go to the Rong family and make a fool of yourself, making me embarrassed with you. Fortunately, we have Cathy. Otherwise, our Xu family will be humiliated. " Vicki snorted.

Valery's face instantly turned even redder than pig's liver. Elizabeth's expression was not much better than hers. She felt that her face was swollen because of Vicki's sharp words.

If her daughter could marry into the family smoothly, Vicki would definitely treat her as a treasure and wouldn't dislike her so much. It was all because of Essie. If she had killed her, she wouldn't have such a chance. Now she obviously came back to revenge. With the support of the Rong family, her disadvantage was getting more and more obvious.

Now she couldn't rely on Vinton anymore. She had to find a son-in-law to help them.

Seeing that she and Elizabeth were having a hard time, Eva felt very happy, as if she had taken a sip of ice black tea, or as if she had a strong sense of pleasure after seeing her enemy being attacked deathly. After going out, she must find a place to laugh three times to express the pleasure in her chest.

With an expressionless face, Essie took a sip of the black tea. Although Valery and her mother were at a disadvantage, she had to find a suitable way to deal with the matter of Eva.

Baron took a drag on his cigar and exhaled a smoke ring. "Ignore the nonsense on the Internet.copy right hot novel pub