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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 717 Honey, I'm Sorry (Part Two)

After eating a crystal shrimp dumpling, Essie changed her tone slightly. "But we have to cooperate step by step. We have to always take the initiative, and we can't let the Qin family control the direction of our cooperation."

Baron smiled. His daughter was as capable as a man in business.

However, that was not what Essie thought. No matter wisdom or experienced, she was far inferior to her sister, Alice. The only thing she was capable of was to have the help of Zac. With the golden finger of Zac, she dared to go forward bravely.

Essie knew that she had said what Baron wanted to say. Zac had also told her something that she had to mention.

"It's time to put the marriage of sister with Fell on the agenda. Marriage is also good for our cooperation. Why don't we let them..." Speaking of this, she suddenly choked. Zac made it clear to her that he wanted Cherry and Fell to get married, but the two words 'marry' turned into 'engagement' at the tip of her tongue.

"Let Fell and my sister get engaged first, and then officially cooperate with each other."

Baron meditated for a while and nodded slightly. "It's good to get engaged first. I have to investigate Fell again and make sure that he really loves Alice, not for the interests of his family. Only in this way can I be relieved to marry Alice to him."

On the second day, the front page of the Dragon City evening newspaper was the good news of the engagement ceremony of Fell and Alice. After discussing with Vicki, Baron decided to hold his daughter and son's engagement party together.

Looking at the news, Zac frowned slightly. This arrangement was a little different from his plan.copy right hot novel pub