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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 716 Honey, I'm Sorry (Part One)

What a man wanted was an extraordinary woman who could inspire his desire to conquer to the greatest extent, not a cheap woman who belittled herself and stuck to him.

Although she was covered with the skin of Alice, the vulgarity in her bones had never changed.

Fell turned around and walked slowly to the gate. He counted in his mind and thought that when he counted to five, Alice would definitely come downstairs. He did not expect that there was silence behind him.

It seemed that the vulgar Alice was smart.

When he arrived at the gate, he stopped and didn't open the door immediately. It seemed that he was waiting for Alice to change her mind. She would not be able to resist herself from running down to beg him.

Unfortunately, the hall was still quiet.

Sitting on the sofa, Essie and Retina drank tea silently without saying a word. Retina winked at Essie. With her countless experience in dealing with men, Fell would definitely turn around in three seconds.

One or two, three, she counted silently with her lips.

Fell put down his hand on the door lock, gritted his teeth and turned around. "Sis Cathy, actually, I have something to tell your sister this time."

"Don't you have anything to say to my cousin? She has been in hospital for so long, but you haven't visited her once," Essie said in a cold tone and with a colder expression.

Fell spread out his hands and said, "In fact, there is a misunderstanding between Finney and me. We just know each other occasionally, have dinner together and have a chat. After all, we will be relatives in the future. Alice was too excited that day and didn't save my face at all. I was so angry that I said I liked Finney on purpose. "

Taking a sip of the black tea on the tea table, Essie raised the corners of her mouth with a faint smile. She didn't want to tangle with Fell over and over again about the love triangle.copy right hot novel pub