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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 714 The Truth Is About To Come Out

Hearing that, Essie was shocked. She had the same suspicion about her sister before. In her eyes, her sister was like Zac and Jim, was the kind of person with eyes above their heads. She would only make others look up to her, and would never degrade herself.

But the Alice at present was too low.


"She had a paternity test with mom," she said in a low voice.

"Yes, the paternity test can't be wrong." Lucy nodded.

"In this society, people can fake their faces, not to mention a paternity test. Give the examiner some money and ask him to do a fake one is not a difficult thing," Finney said angrily, enduring the pain on her face.

Hearing this, Lucy felt a little scared. Although she hadn't seen Alice for many years, she believed that her daughter was kind and would never do such a bad and cruel thing as pouring sulfuric acid.

Holding her shoulder, Essie said, "Sis Finney, the most important thing for you now is to have a rest. I know this is a big blow to you. I promise you, no matter how much it will cost, I will help you recover your face and make you as beautiful as before. "

"Yes, I've booked the air ticket for your uncle. I'll ask him to go back to Jiang City to find Spencer tomorrow. As long as he can perform the operation for you, he will definitely recover your beauty." Lucy hurriedly said, "You must not be excited now. You have to cooperate with the doctor to pass the infective stage, or the wound will be infected, and it will be terrible."

Finney lay on the bed. It was not easy for her to get a chance to marry into a rich family, but she was hit like this. She was not reconciled. She hated it!

Of course, Essie understood what she was thinking. She took the opportunity to send her parents away and sat beside her.

"Cousin, people in the business world are not that simple. Fell won't be separated from my sister. He is just using you to irritate my sister." She told her Zac's guess and analysis, and then said, "Regardless of whether he has feelings for my sister or not, he won't give up my sister just because the Qin family wants to develop the jewelry industry with the help of the Xu family. The reason why he chooses you is that he doesn't want me to interfere in this matter and hinder his plan. "

Hearing this, Finney felt that she was wronged. "Can I really recover from this?" She cried.

"My mother's face was even worse than yours at that time. Didn't she recover? Nowadays, the medical technology is very advanced. Ordinary people are afraid that they can't afford the huge medical expenses of plastic surgery, so they are worried. But we don't lack money at all, right? "

Comforting her, Essie held her hand and said, "Cousin, our Yi family is no longer the family

that runs a small restaurant. In less than five years, we will definitely become the leader of the catering industry. You are not the Finney you used to be. You are rich and beautiful. You have a high education and a high salary. Your conditions can only be looked up to by ordinary people. You don't need to marry into a rich family to become rich, because you are a rich woman yourself! What you need to do is to make those rich young men admire you, pursue you, crawl under your feet like a puppy, instead of degrading yourselves to cater to them! "

Tears welled up in Finney's eyes. In a hurry, Essie wiped off the tears with the sterile gauze for her, fearing that it would flow to her wound.

For Finney, her words not only dispelled her worries, but also enlightened her.

Yes, because of Essie, the Yi family was no longer the old one, and she was no longer the former white-collar worker.

She was from a rich family, so why did she have to marry into a rich family to make herself rich?

"Essie, you are right. I will cooperate with the treatment. I have to recover well and have a plastic surgery as soon as possible."

"That's right!" Essie breathed a sigh of relief. She knew that a highly educated elite like Finney would definitely change her mind soon.

"But you can't take it lightly about the matter of Alice. If she is really a fake, the real Alice may be in danger," Finney reminded.copy right hot novel pub