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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 712 A Fierce Battle (Part Two)

However, Fell didn't respond. An unnoticeable weird smile appeared on his face. "Do you have the ability to do that?"

"I'm not a coward. I'll let you know that marrying me is only good for your family. It's not bad," Alice said seriously.

Looking at them, Zac pursed his perfect thin lips into a straight line, and his dark cold eyes were like an ancient well of a thousand years, deep and gloomy.

On the way back, Essie was worried and felt that something was going to happen. Essie couldn't help but frown.

"Icy guy, what do you think Fell is up to?"

Raising the corners of his mouth, Zac sneered, "The Qin family has just acquired the Golden Fortune Jewelry Group and is ready to enter the jewelry industry. In addition to our Rong family, the only one who has mineral resources in our country is your Xu family. Fell's action must be to give a hard whip to Alice, so that she can spare no effort to cooperate the Xu family with Qin family. "

Essie patted him on the shoulder. No wonder he was the God of war in the business world. He saw through Fell's little trick at a glance. The cooperation between the Xu family and the Rong family mainly focused on two industries, energy and infrastructure construction, and they did not intersect in the jewelry industry. If they cooperated with the Qin family, it would not have any impact on the relationship between the two families, but...

"What benefit will it bring to our Xu family if we cooperate with the Qin family? Mr. Baron won't make a decision without any benefit to the Xu family just for sister's marriage. "

"Didn't the Xu family always want to enter the Southeast Asian market? The Qin family not only had a strong government relationship in the Southeast Asia, but also controlled the local gangs. The Qin family will definitely cooperate with the Xu family on the condition that they help the Xu family enter the Southeast Asia market and achieve a win-win result with the Xu family," Zac analyzed in a low voice.

"If so, it doesn't matter. Anyway, it won't have any impact on the Rong family.copy right hot novel pub