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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 705 Burn Him To Ashes

Walt smiled and closed his eyes.

Taking a deep breath, Essie clenched her lipstick and pressed the button to shoot.

But the lipstick didn't work.

Damn it! She cursed in her heart and pressed it hard.

There was still no response.

A drop of bean sized cold sweat fell down from her forehead.

'What the hell! I dropped away at the critical moment, and so did you?'

"Are you done?" Walt asked with a smile.

"Wait a minute. Your mouth is so beautiful. I have to study how to draw it to look funny." She tried her best to keep calm and replied in a playful and naughty tone.

"Bad girl." Walt shook his head and laughed.

It was not until she checked it in a hurry that Essie suddenly remembered that there was still a safety gear that hadn't been opened. She patted her own stupid head and quickly opened the safety valve.

"Well, I'm going to draw now." She smiled cunningly and took a deep breath. Then she pointed the lipstick at Walt's neck.

Feeling a chill in his neck, Walt opened his eyes subconsciously.

Essie stepped back in a hurry, ready to escape. It was her first time to use it. She didn't know how it worked. It would be terrible if it was not as powerful as she thought.

Walt felt something was wrong, "You..." An indescribable disappointment and anger appeared on his face, as if he had been kicked from the top of the clouds to the bottom of the Great Rift.

"I'm Zac's wife. His enemy is my enemy!" The tone of Essie became extremely cold, like the Arctic wind from Siberia.

"Am I not good enough to you?" Walt's tongue began to tingle and his voice became vague, which could barely be heard by Essie.

"There are only one word in my heart to describe you, despicable." With a mocking smile, Essie's laughter was as cold as ice.

Walt heard his heart broken. His eyes were red because of pain, and his handsome face twisted in extreme despair. His muscles began to stiffened, and this ferocious face seemed to be frozen on his face by pressing the pause button.

He stared at Essie with his last strength and consciousness and said, "You will... regret it! " He struggled to spit out a few vague syllables, and then fell down with full unwillingness, his eyes still wide open.

Essie looked at him coldly with a triumphant smile on her face. She would see his true face soon. In this plan, the chain that she had broken was finally picked up.

When her finger reached Walt's face, the door was pushed open all of a sudden. Two bodyguards rushed in with guns in their hands. "Boss, Zac sneaked in with someone. Everyone was subdued by them. It took us a long time to escape," the tall bodyguard said.

Seeing that Walt didn't move and his face was ferocious, he was shocked and pointed his gun at Essie.copy right hot novel pub