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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 703 Drop Away At Critical Moment

Hatred flashed in Walt's eyes. It was not that he didn't have a dazzling light, but Zac was a dazzling sun, ruthlessly covering up all his light.

"I can't be worse than Zac." He gnashed his teeth.

Essie looked at him. Although he was wearing a fake mask and there was no expression on his face, his tone and eyes had revealed his emotions, anger, jealousy and resentment.

Zac was invincible, fearless and cold-blooded at the top of the society. He must have a lot of enemies. No one dared to challenge him in public, so they could only hide in the dark and make trouble. Did Willi want to gather all his enemies to fight against him together?

She picked up the strawberry juice at hand and took a sip. "Do you have a grudge against Zac?"

Realizing that he had lost control, Walt immediately calmed himself down and said, "It's just a competitor."

With a teasing smile on her face, Essie asked, "What are you competing for? Me? "

Walt smile. "Sort of." It was romantic to die for a beauty.

The smile on Essie's face widened as she patted the baby in her hand. "I'm sort of a businessman. I like to invest. I invest in intangible capital, and that is man. It's a win-win deal for me to invest my capital in Zac. What can I get from you? "

Walt's dark eyes flickered in the light, "Then you can take me as a good stock?"

"What if we get trapped and lose all my money? You have to show me your advantage and competition! " Essie shook the strawberry juice in her hand, which was as red and dazzling as blood.

"I like your cleverness." Walt smiled. Essie was the kind of woman who could be loved when she was confused, and become a good wife when she was smart. Her beauty did not lie in her beautiful appearance, but in her pure spirit, refined temperament and unique soul.

"But I haven't found anything worth my investment," Essie said frankly, not caring about irritating him at all. People like him wanted the pleasure of conquering. The more they couldn't get, the more precious she would be.

"I will let you find out." Walt stretched out his hand and wanted to hold her hand. The moment his finger touched her, she withdrew it like a needle.

The obvious disgust reaction made Walt's heart ache. However, he didn't blame her. If it were him, he would feel uncomfortable when facing a person who couldn't see his real face.

After eating some bird's nest congee, Essie tried her best to make her voice sound calm, "Are you from Dragon City?" she asked tentatively.

Walt didn't answer. He knew that Essie was sounding out his background.

Noticing that he was a little vigilant, Essie didn't say anything more. She looked down at the sleeping child in her arms and asked, "Do you think the child resembles me or you more?"

"Of course, like me," Walt said affirmatively. 'Like father, like son.'

"So you must be very handsome." With a playful smile, Essie tried to ease the tension in the air.

"No worse than Zac." Walt looked very confident.

"Don't flatter yourself." Essie stuck out her tongue at him with a naughty look on her beautiful face. He liked her expression. The first time he saw her, she was so lively and lovely, energetic and quirky. She had captured his heart.

"You should say that it is confident," Walt said with a smile, and his voice changed unconsciously. In order not to be recognized by Essie, he always spoke in a low voice, which made him a little forgetful. So he spoke in a natural tone unconsciously.

Essie didn't miss the change. She was familiar with the voice. She was a little shocked and a sharp look flashed across her face. Realizing that he had lost control, Walt coughed and quickly lowered his voice to avoid exposing his flaws again.copy right hot novel pub