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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 701 A Fracture In Love

After putting on the beautiful Midnight Blue Star evening dress, Essie went downstairs gracefully. She was the elf of the dark night, a graceful fairy descending from the sky. She was as beautiful as a dream, as beautiful as a picture or a legend.

The eyes of Zac and Hanson froze. At this moment, they only cared about her, and everything had turned into nothingness.

Essie also looked at the two astonishing men in front of her. One was her first love and her confidant, and the other was her true love for the rest of her life, the home and attachment of her soul. People said that if God closed a door for you, he would definitely open a window for you. And she was lucky, because God opened two windows for her.

Standing next to her, Ivy was full of envy, and there was also a little jealousy in her heart. How she hoped that she could turn into Essie, so that Hanson would love her forever.

In Irene's eyes, there was more jealousy. As a Chinese and French mixed blood, she was quite confident in herself. In her opinion, her beauty was not inferior to that of Essie's, and her figure was not inferior to that of Essie's. it was just that it was not the right time and she was behind her. If Zac met her first, he would definitely fall in love with her.

And in this world, perfect men were rarer than panda. Countless women were chasing after him and she had to compete with them to get a chance.

After returning to Dragon City, the Rong Mansion was quite quiet for a few days in a row. Essie didn't like it to be so quiet. She was waiting for Steven to come to her. She believed that he would definitely appear. But the suffering of waiting made her feel like sitting on pins and needles.

If one day, Steven found out that it was he who made a big mistake, that it was Eve who had sex with him, that it was not her at all, and that the child was not his, he would definitely be ashamed into anger and hurt Dawny. She couldn't wait any longer!

In the morning, as soon as the first touch of blue appeared in the sky, most of the people in the house were still asleep. A slender figure walked down the stairs mechanically, with a doll in her arms and a milk bottle in her hand.

In the dim light of dawn, she walked to the sofa, sat down, raised the feeding bottle and began to feed the doll. "Good boy, eat more, so that you can grow up faster."

The servant got up early to clean the hall. When she turned on the light and saw her, she was shocked. "Mrs. Essie, what are you doing here?"

Essie made a gesture of 'Shush' and said, "The baby needs to be nursed if he is hungry. I'm feeding him."

The servant trembled violently, as if she had seen a ghost, and showed a very frightened expression. Everyone in the house knew that Essie was mentally stimulated because of the child and suffered postpartum depression. Now her symptoms seemed to be more serious.

After feeding the doll in her arms, Essie put down the feeding bottle, hummed a lullaby, and patted its back gently to lull it to sleep.

The servant sighed heavily. It was so pitiful for a shrewd woman like Mrs. Essie to become so crazy.

For the whole day, Essie didn't let go of the doll. Zac looked sad, as if he could do nothing to her. He had done what he should do, but her condition was not getting better, but getting worse. He was really helpless.

"Zac, it's time for you to find a psychiatrist for Essie." There was a gloating smile in Leila's eyes. Since Essie had become a lunatic, how long could Zac love her?

"Shut up!" There was a hint of anger on his face.copy right hot novel pub